Bugology /バゴロジー 【名】


These great numbers of insect species in the world ,seems that there’s actually a huge range of extraordinary flavours and tastes that people are missing out.

“BUGOLOGY” is a willing team of chefs , researchers , designers goes on a using these Bugs as a future delicious food source.
Our mission is explores how transform bug into delicious food and shapes our world.

Seeing, feeling, thinking bugs at the event and get be something you fall into.


2018年春、当時高橋が常備していたタガメの魅惑的な香りに大西、セキネが引き寄せられ、そのまま意気投合。 それ以降「昆虫食がいかなる美食になりうるのか」を虫をむしゃむしゃ食べながら模索し「昆虫食解体新書」と名付けたイベントを4月20日に企画。 このイベントを皮切りに様々な業種、分野と昆虫食のマッチングを図ったイベントを定期的に開催予定。 業種、分野の垣根を昆虫という常軌を逸したテーマを介することで超克し、美食という身近なコンテンツに落とし込むことで興味の裾野を広げることを目指す。 テーマやや内容はあえて制限を設けないことでその都度、予想だにしていなかったことが起こる場を創造する



昆虫食解体新書 #啓蟄祭

2050年みらいの給食 #昆虫編-わたしたちはなにを食べている?

昆虫食解体新書 #出張


“Insects as food” as a subject of experimentation.

The key point of this theme is to test out the subject not as “insects” but as “insects as food”. In this way, we will hold a wide range of experimentation.

We aim to explore people’s relationship with food through a bird’s eye view by experimenting with when, where, and how we can serve insects as food. In addition, we will take a look at how to procure insects as food ingredients and how to develop a production and distribution system that takes into consideration the relationship between people, society, and insects.

In this way, our experimentation goes deeper than just making delicious food
By considering everything as a part of the insect as food experiment, we can discover what is missing in the conversation of insect as food, thereby clarifying the concept of insect as food.



In most cases, the price of a dish depends on the price of the ingredients. If a chef uses rare or high quality ingredients, the price of the dish typically rises.
As the situation currently stands, insects as food can also be said to be a luxury ingredient because a supply and circulation system has not been developed, therefore edible insects are still quite rare.
From the a perspective that wonders if insects will become common as food in the future, we want to consider a current contradiction of the viewpoint of insects as a luxury item like caviar. From this, the technology of chefs will be born in the “future” which will be a food material that can be supplied at a low price. From this, we can imagine a scene that is used for high-class dishes by added value. In this way, we would like participants to taste these specially prepared insects in a luxurious setting.


そのきっかけはインスタ映え?所有欲を 刺激する可愛いパッケージ?
もしくは最先端の食にも関わらず食べてないことへの焦り?いずれ にしても大衆的に消費されるには大衆の心理に上手く入り込まなければいけない。
昆虫食はいか に人の欲を刺激しうるか?
当然、そのような消費には飽きがつきものであるから昆虫食が一過性 の流行りものとして廃れることもありうる。

In the future, will insects be consumed in mass quantities by a majority of the population?
Will insects as food become Instagrammable? Will it be cutely packaged to appeal to consumers?
Or, will we grow impatient, not being able to eat it, despite it becoming a cutting-edge food? In any case, in order to be consumed by the public, it will be necessary to go deep into the food psychology of the public.

How do we stimulate the human desire to eat insects as food?
Naturally, since such styles of consumption can be exhausting, the topic of insects as food could be lost as a temporary fashion.

However, there is always a side to be revealed by consumption.

We want to have fun with the wild idea of eating insects through eating supporting ramen, which induces both feelings of pleasure and guilt in the general public.